Data required to prepare a tender for a small hydroelectric power plant:

Tel. Nr. :
Fax. Nr. :
Application of the plant:
Installation height:
Unit(s) to be supplied with power :
Village Shelter Forest house Mountain cottage
Weekend house House Restaurant  
Number of rooms:  Number of people:
Projected utilisation time:  Months per year
Equipment to be supplied with power:
Lighting   Number of lamps

Total el. power rating

Refrigerator   Size [Liters] el. power rating
Chiller   Size [Liters] el. power rating
Washing machine   el. power rating
TV set   el. power rating
Other electrical equipment   el. power rating
Heating   Liters / Day
Power of the electric heating rods (burner)   Total el. power rating
Total or partial electrical heating of the complete heating system   Yes
el. power rating
Electric heating   Yes
el. power rating
Heat pump   el. power rating
Milking machine   el. power rating
Centrifuge pump   el. power rating
Electric motor(s)   el. power rating
Other   el. power rating
When no pressure pipes exist:
Gross fall head   meters
Net fall head (to be calculated by us)   meters
Minimum water flow rate during the projected time period from until L / sec.
Can the pressure pipe be covered? Yes No Partially
Residual water flow rate established by standards   L / sec.
Monthly data about the water regime (Liters/sec.):
April :
July :
October :
February :
May :
August :
November :
March :
June :
September :
December :

Diameter of the pressure pipe will be calculated by us.

With certain pressure pipes:
Fall head:   meters
Water flow rate:   L / sec.
Pressure pipe: Material :

  Length : Meters
  Nominal diameter :
Electric power cable:

Length of cable pipe from unit to load:

Equipment plan: Please send us ,if required, a plan from the situation with e-mail attachment, Fax or normal letter.