Turbomat AC & DC Series

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The complete small power generating plant from SINNHUBER

These Pelton turbines can deliver up to 25 kW of power. Turbomat‘s DC & AC Series power rating covers all your electrical needs: from lighting to heating recirculation pump, from the milking plant to the electric radiator.

A Turbomat small generating plant from SINNHUBER has basically 4 elements:

  1. High-performance Pelton turbine,
  2. Brushless generator,
  3. Electronic controller,
  4. Load resistor to use the power (for example, to heat air or water ).

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Advantages of Turbomat

Apart from the general, well-known advantages of SINNHUBER turbines (for example, long service life, minimum maintenance requirements or reduced operating costs, environmental friendliness, independent power generation) the following advantages of Turbomat should be noted

The Turbomat setup does not require that any engineer travels to the site or that any time-intensive studies be carried out or expensive drawings be drawn. In addition, the construction requirements are minimal. You do not need a turbine house, and the concreting work as well as the routing of the pipes can Be done yourself. The Turbomat from SINNHUBER is delivered to you with the characteristics that match your water resource conditions.

The prize of a turbine itself is not decisive. What counts is the overall costs for the plant. An this is exactly what SINNHUBER offers: inexpensive water power plants !

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